Your Questions About Weight Loss Plans For Vegetarians

Sharon asks…

why do vegetarians/vegans say that it is not a weight loss plan, but imply that all meat eaters are fat?

I’ve just noticed a trend that more and more vegetarians are saying if you eat meat you’re fat basically, and that isn’t always the case. I am not nor have I ever been overweight and have always ate meat. Also body builders for example eat very high protein diets which usually include a lot of meat, and they certainly are not fat

Evian Gillette answers:

I definitely don’t think that all meat eaters are overweight. Obviously some are but so are some vegetarians and vegans! Maybe it’s similar to how a lot of meat eaters say that vegans are pale and malnourished.

Mary asks…

what is a good weight loss plan for a vegetarian?

i weigh about 160 and want to get my body more in shape, what kinds of food should i eat and how much? what exercises?

Evian Gillette answers:

Quit eating meat replacements… They’re way too processed, and not at all good for you. Start eating more raw fruits and veggies, be sure youre getting your leafy greens, cut back on the carbs (a lot of veggie diets include far too many) and do a little more exercise… Elliptical, long walks, yoga, pilates, etc. Etc.

Lisa asks…

What’s a simple vegetarian weight loss plan?

I’m a vegetarian looking to slim down at least 15 lbs within the next 4 weeks. I’m rather addicted to sweets or just food in general, I do eat healthy food for the most part, but I just eat too much of it and find that difficult to control :( As for excercise, I work short shifts at least 4 days a week at a fairly active hospital-kitchen job, and I have access to a treadmill now.
So what’s a simple (i don’t mean easy, I know losing weight is a challenge) way to lose the weight and stick to my plan? thanks for answers :)

Evian Gillette answers:

Losing 15 lbs in 4 weeks is not healthy. You never mentioned why it has to be in 4 weeks, or why it has to be 15 lbs. Weight loss that lasts happens slowly and steadily.

You may be tempted to go on a crash diet or a fad diet, but if you want the weight to get off and STAY off, then avoid these. You don’t wand to go on a “diet”. What you want is to revamp your diet so that it KEEPS you at a healthy weight.

You need to eat protein, because it takes more energy to break down protein calories than it does to break down fats or carbs. You can get protein from tofu, tempeh, lentils, eggs, lowfat dairy products, or fish, if you eat it. You also want to increase your fiber intake, so that means A LOT of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. If you have the sweet tooth, opt for fruit.

AVOID added sugars and refined carbohydrates. They are your enemies. As is anything fried. You also need to avoid alcohol, because that will make you gain weight. Alcohol calories cannot be stored as fat, which means anything you ate prior to drinking will be stored as fat. But don’t think this means you can drink on an empty stomach. Don’t do that. One drink here and there is probably fine, but make sure you stick to alcohol in its simplest form. Avoid mixed drinks, because those have even more calories.

You need to include more exercise than just what you do at work. You need to raise your heart rate and break a sweat. Go running or swimming, or play a sport. You can also do weight training, because that will raise your metabolism both during AND after your workout. Don’t be fooled into doing crunches though. Spot reduction is not possible.

Let me know how things go, and good luck.

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