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What Should You Eat If You Are Overweight? “Right” Foods Will Help You To Lose Weight.

This day has come at last! The last minutes of your working day are passing and you are going for a vocation in a few minutes! The working day is over, you are beside yourself with joy and hurrying up top leave the close office and to give yourself to the blissful idleness. You are flying down from stairs and it seems that nothing can darken your happiness. You do not know yet that some a villain has hung a big mirror in the lobby of your office building. And here is that ill-fated mirror, it is standing on your way to happiness, you are staying and with fear looking intently at your image where you can see not only your face. Yes, fat has been saved in the most unexpected parts of your body. The first thing that comes to your mind is that you must refuse from all foods at least for a month, better for two months! The mind is reasonable of course, but fat is fat, but anyway you will want to eat. But what can you eat, while it is better not eat at all?

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What Are The Differences Of The Best Diets?

When I start to reconsider various diets, I am surprised with their quantity. I can not understand why so many people suffer from overweight if there are so many programs for losing weight? But the reason as always is simple – there are effective diets and inefficient diets. Of course the majority of diets are inefficient. I understand it is difficult to keep believing that one day you will find the right diet for you and I want to show you one subtlety which distinguishes the most effective diets from the others.

Let’s begin with the fact that the most effective diets have only one purpose – to dispose of superfluous fat. I have not opened a secret, truly? And as we remember, fat in our body is the energy that we haven’t spent.

Where do we get this energy from? From food that contains fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Thus received proteins, basically, are spent for construction of cells and tissues, and fats and carbohydrates give 90 percent of this energy.

Considering the written above, in many diets consumption of food rich with carbohydrates, including sweet and farinaceous foods, is limited. Because it was proved very long time ago – excessive consumption of farinaceous foods and sweets is connected with gaining weight.

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Seven Kinds Of Products That Promote Obesity.

It is really hard for any person to keep a diet plan. But it is even harder not to gain the lost weight again. If you want to save the results of the weight loss program, you need to refuse from these products and to substitute them for products that are less harmful for your body and health.

What traits unit these products? All of them contain much of fats.

And if you do not consume them, you will definitely start losing weight. But I do not suggest you to refuse from these products forever. It is just senseless. Moreover such bans only prevent you to fight with overweight.

You just try to avoid or substitute them with something for similar, but less harmful products.

Any butters and oils.

Many people have this wrong opinion. They consider that oil can be lean.
Actually all kinds of oils and breads contain almost 100 percents of fats. Yes, oils have vegetative fats. But there is no advantage, and harm is the same, as well as from animal fats.
So try to exclude all kinds of oils and butters from your diet. Actually this is not difficult at all.

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