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Nutrition After A Diet. A Few Tips.

How not to gain weight after the diet? This question bedevils every woman thrown off the pesky extra pounds. Because a successful weight loss – is only half the battle, now you need to keep the achieved results. Unfortunately, not everyone can do it.

This happens because people are often not accustomed to reduce caloric intake gradually, and some time sitting on a strict diet, waiting for when this is over and he will finally be able to eat. Of course, if after a diet, he will immediately pounce on the food – all disappeared pounds will be back. In addition, it should be understood that thin and slender people need fewer calories than full ones. And after the diet you need to eat less.

This does not mean a diet till the death; it just means a sensible approach to nutrition after a diet. The second common mistake – is neglect of physical activity and sports in general. To maintain weight after the diet is difficult, but without the sport – even more difficult. Going in for sports, you’ll spend more energy on burning calories, you will build muscle mass, which also allows the body not to accrete fat and speed up the metabolism.

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Main Principles Of HCG Diets.

With ideal body weight and contours people are willing to experiment by means of long-term weight loss. Despite the constant agitation of health experts for application of healthy diets and exercise programs as safe means of reducing and maintaining weight loss, not everyone can withstand strict diets, constant feeling of hunger, physical exercises and so on.

One of the most effective methods of weight loss is HCG diets, which are known all over the world. This plan includes Human Choriogonadotropin injections within 3 weeks. HCG hormone is produced by the female body during early pregnancy. Its main feature is the mobilization of fat – it is the main reason for its use in weight loss.

The first three weeks the patient is restricted to glucose and starch, but a diet is rich in fats, proteins, vegetables and fruit sugar, and even a small amount of alcohol is allowed.

During the next three weeks all other products are gradually introduced in the constant diet.

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The Advantages Of HCG Diet Compared To Others.

1. In spite of such a drastic weight reduction and low-calorie diet, the patient does not look emaciated, does not feel a painful feeling of hunger or the need for sweet / fatty foods.

2. The diet is quite tolerable and even pleasant, since the first days of diet the patient observes a significant reduction in weight, weighing on an everyday basis, that is difficult to achieve in all others, exhausting diets.

3. Parts of the body which were normal (face, chest) before beginning the diet do not decrease.

4. The skin improves and softens.

5. Due to a healthy diet the body is cleared of toxins, the patient becomes lightheaded.

6. During the course the patients have no fatigue, irritability, anxiety, excitement, confusion, depression.

7. During the course it is not recommended to engage in active sports, as low-calorie diet and all intake calories are needed for normal functioning.

8. Not muscle mass, but an extra supply of fat goes away in contrast to other express diets.

9. Many chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure, cardiovascular problems, and digestive problems are improving during the diet.

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