Rules Of Application Of Diets

The times when to possess the beautiful and tightened figure was considered not the main priority have passed. Today desire to have such forms actually for the majority, from here and a growing thin is problem. Certainly, to adhere to balanced diet rules is easy, when positive emotions, in other case, in stressful situations prevail, the person is inclined to self-checking loss that conducts to not effective diets.

For anybody is not a secret that human emotions frequently depend on that, we are full or are hungry, thus even the child will cry when hungers and will smile when is not hungry. Similar feelings are tested by all people.

As negative emotions were included into an everyday life of the person, especially presently, to have to be reconciled with it, but the main thing is not to suppose their influence on food intake process and as consequence – deviations which arise at observance of diets.

Stressful situations essentially influence a human body, two consequences are thus possible.

The first is appetite disappearance. It occurs that the organism reacts to negative emotions adrenaline increase in blood. It leads to failures in work digestive and other systems, from here – appetite falls. But in the presence of a diet such changes are positive enough if only at an exit from stress observance of a diet doesn’t fade into the background. And, in a stressful situation appetite loss is a normal biological reaction.

The second is shown that the person tries to compensate negative emotions positive and to receive them sometimes easier in any way differently than having sated. Thus the basic error consists that during stress it is necessary to eat more. It is an error as the raised presence of adrenaline in blood conducts to a number of the negative moments – its coagulability raises and vessels are narrowed. As a result we receive deterioration of digestibility of food and also insufficient mastering of vitamins and other microcells. But the fatty fabric grows promptly.
Serious test for your organism is any diet, especially, if it is a low-calorie, rigid diet. Therefore before those who puts a problem to grow thin, it is necessary to receive a problem expected result and not to do much harm thus to the health. For this purpose strictly carry out some important rules.

The first – correctly choose a diet. The organism of each person is individual, therefore the same diet in one case will yield fine results, and in other it will appear useless or even will do much harm. Remember that in some cases it is categorically not recommended to go on a diet. It concerns pregnant and feeding women and also children and teenagers in puberty.

The second – it is necessary to be prepared for a diet. Preparation should be both moral and physical. Going on a diet you should not have illnesses (well or at least not to be a serious illness), you should be firmly assured that want to dump excess weight and to go with this desire till the end of the dietary period.

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