Proper Weight Loss Motivation Can Vary From Person to Person

I once had a person come up to me and ask about weight loss motivation. She said that she wanted to lose about 60 pounds, but really had no motivation to do so, and asked what I recommended. I told her that it would really depend on what her reasons were for losing weight, and that she would have to determine from those reasons why it was important to her. We sat down and went over it, and within about an hour, she said she felt more motivated than ever before.

I started out by asking her why she wanted to lose the 60 pounds. She said that she did not feel as attractive as she used to feel, and said she wanted to be able to show off her body more. It was in January that we had this conversation, and I thought about it for a moment, and realized I may have just the weight loss motivation that she needed. I informed her it would be June in five months, and that her goal should be to get into a bathing suit and feel completely comfortable with the way that she looked. Her eyes brightened up, and she thought that was a great idea. She told me she had never thought of it that way before.

Then there was another buddy of mine who was in much worse shape. He was actually 120 pounds overweight, and needed to lose weight desperately, as his doctor had told him he was diabetic and had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. He told me that even knowing those things was not really weight loss motivation for him, because he could take pills for all three medical conditions. I then decided to be cruel to be kind, and asked him about his five-year-old son, and what he thought would happen to his son if he had a massive heart attack and died. At first, he was very upset with me for bringing it up. A few days later, however, he told me that he appreciated what I said and that it was just the motivation he needed to lose weight.

A former high school baseball teammate of mine had lunch with me one day, and I noticed he had put one some heft. He told me that he had sort of let himself go after high school, and said that he really felt pretty bad, because he used to be so athletic. He informed me that his girlfriend would tease him because she ran marathons all the time, and knew that he could not. I asked him if the prospect of being able to keep up with her in one of those marathons would be good weight loss motivation for him, and he said it definitely would!

It is not hard to find weight loss motivation if you think just a little past the surface. We all have a reason, and it is just a matter of finding that reason and then following through!

Weight Loss Motivation

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