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Can Yoga For Weight Loss Can Really Work?

After my friend had her second child, she felt it necessary to lose about 20 pounds. She has never been big on going to the gym and hitting the treadmill or elliptical machine, so she talked to her doctor about other ways to lose weight. Her doctor suggested that she try walking, which was immediately nixed, and then recommended swimming, which my friend wanted no part of. Then she suggested yoga for weight loss, as she had heard a number of other patients of hers talk about doing that. My friend decided to give it a try, since she already liked yoga anyway.

My friend had tried yoga a few times in the past and said she really liked it. She did not pursue it that often because she was always so busy. She told me once that she would like to do it more often, and now that she was trying yoga for weight loss, she had her opportunity. She joined up with a local group that met at our recreation center, composed largely of women who were mothers trying to shed weight, and she started a daily regimen of yoga.

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Proper Weight Loss Motivation Can Vary From Person to Person

I once had a person come up to me and ask about weight loss motivation. She said that she wanted to lose about 60 pounds, but really had no motivation to do so, and asked what I recommended. I told her that it would really depend on what her reasons were for losing weight, and that she would have to determine from those reasons why it was important to her. We sat down and went over it, and within about an hour, she said she felt more motivated than ever before.

I started out by asking her why she wanted to lose the 60 pounds. She said that she did not feel as attractive as she used to feel, and said she wanted to be able to show off her body more. It was in January that we had this conversation, and I thought about it for a moment, and realized I may have just the weight loss motivation that she needed. I informed her it would be June in five months, and that her goal should be to get into a bathing suit and feel completely comfortable with the way that she looked. Her eyes brightened up, and she thought that was a great idea. She told me she had never thought of it that way before.

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Your Questions About Advanced Weight Loss

Sandy asks…

Has anyone heard of the diabetes medication, metformin, being used for weight loss?

My doctor, who prefers the natural way, prescribed this medication for me and said it was safe. He said it was great for weight loss, and it can also be used, orally of course, to do a body cleanse. I don’t have diabetes, but he said that wouldn’t matter because the medication if safe. Any serious feedback will be greatly appreciated. Please don’t advise on weight loss techniques, and address this medication as I’m am very concerned about it. Thanks in advance

Evian Gillette answers:

Actually, Metformin (or Glucophage) is not only used to reduce glucose levels, but insulin, and testosterone as well. The side effects of which reduce all of the following; acne, hirsutism, abdominal obesity, and amenorrhea.

Metformin has many other health benefits and relatively low negative side effects. Your doctor or pharmacist should be able to address those concerns better though.

The short answer to your question is yes. It should help reduce weight. Glucophage has been proven to have had positive effects on pregnancy as well as negative though. So if you are planning or thinking about having kids soon, you should tell your doctor or pharmacist this as well.

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