Can Yoga For Weight Loss Can Really Work?

After my friend had her second child, she felt it necessary to lose about 20 pounds. She has never been big on going to the gym and hitting the treadmill or elliptical machine, so she talked to her doctor about other ways to lose weight. Her doctor suggested that she try walking, which was immediately nixed, and then recommended swimming, which my friend wanted no part of. Then she suggested yoga for weight loss, as she had heard a number of other patients of hers talk about doing that. My friend decided to give it a try, since she already liked yoga anyway.

My friend had tried yoga a few times in the past and said she really liked it. She did not pursue it that often because she was always so busy. She told me once that she would like to do it more often, and now that she was trying yoga for weight loss, she had her opportunity. She joined up with a local group that met at our recreation center, composed largely of women who were mothers trying to shed weight, and she started a daily regimen of yoga.

It was not long before she started seeing results, because she combined the yoga for weight loss with a good healthy diet. Within the first week, she had lost five pounds, and by the end of the month she had dropped 12 pounds. She was never very heavy as it was, so it took her about another month and a half to the get the remaining eight pounds off, and she looked and felt fantastic! I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when she first started, and I asked her how she was losing weight by simply doing yoga. I had seen yoga, and it did not look that physically taxing. My friend quickly informed me that I was mistaken in that belief.

She started showing me some of the things they did in class, and I was amazed. With the positions they got into and held and how long the classes lasted, I could definitely see why yoga for weight loss was so effective for so many different people. She actually encouraged me to go and try it with her some time, and I quickly declined. I told her that I was perfectly content hitting the weight room and elliptical, but in truth, I did not relish the idea of trying some of the things she showed me!

Yoga for weight loss seems to me to be a legitimate phenomenon. My friend was dieting while trying to lose weight, but she was not doing anything else! She lost that much weight in that span of time eating properly and doing yoga, and I was quite impressed.

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